Friday, March 2, 2012

And the Light Bulb Goes Off

I’ve been working with Isaac since the beginning of the year. During the fall he was part of the bereavement group. He lost his father several years ago and never really addressed the loss. Very recently he lost his grandmother to cancer. Isaac had a lot of built up anger about both deaths and as a result took it out on other students and mainly his little brother. In the Bereavement Group he was quiet and removed but started to open up and release some of his anger.

As I mentioned the other week, our Bereavement group is a half year program and we generally try not to keep students in the group for the second session unless necessary. Isaac seemed to be making some progress but was still very violent towards his brother. I felt he still needed Partnership with Children’s support and moved him to our Bookstore Group where he continues to progress.

The other day, Isaac made a HUGE breakthrough! We were speaking about role models, and as I looked at him, I could immediately see a change in his thinking. It was like a light bulb went off in his head and everything became clear. After the group he came over to me and said he realized he needed to be a better role model for his little brother. “I haven’t been very nice to him lately and I should be someone he can look up to. I need to spend more time with him. I think I’ll take him to play basketball after school.”

I couldn’t have been prouder! Isaac understood the importance of positive role models in a person’s life and realized he could be just that for his little brother in the absence of their father. Not only will his little brother benefit from the decision, but it will help Isaac heal from the trauma he’s recently faced. Now that the idea is there, I can’t wait to see the change unfold!

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