Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art as Expression

We started Partnership with Children's first Art Group! The process of making objects and images is, I hope, going to excite our students and get them re-engaged in school. We've got 10 kids signed up, all of whom have low attendance. Each session will include a little art history, and then will focus on an art-making activity that weaves in social and emotional skills like team-work, problem-solving, and respecting others' opinions.

In the first session we did our standard introductions and ice-breaker activities so everyone could get to know one another and start building a sense of trust. The next session, called “On an Island”, should be really interesting because the students will have to imagine they are stranded on islands! Working in groups of 2 or 3, they will have to think about what they need to survive on their islands. Then they have to create a drawing of the island and all of the items they have decided they need to live. Since they are working in teams the students have to listen to each others ideas, which can be a real struggle for teenagers. It will definitely be interesting to see what they come up with and how they learn to work together to complete their "islands"!

The next session we’re going to explore how music impacts emotions. We’ll play different genres of music and have the students draw and paint to explore how the music shapes the type of art work they create. We’re hoping this activity helps the students delve more into the various emotions they experience and how to express those emotions in a positive way.

Can’t wait to see what the students create!