Friday, March 23, 2012

Upcoming Event: Parent Workshop

Next Wednesday we’re holding a Parent Workshop at the school.  We try to host these workshops several times throughout the school year to engage not only our Partnership with Children parents, but the entire school parent community as well. Earlier this week every student in the school went home with a flyer in their bag notifying parents of the workshop.

We’ve decided to focus on health and wellness for our Parent Workshop.  The breakfast event will give parents the tools they need to keep themselves and families healthy.  Topics will include information about local food pantries, free or low cost fitness options and local health clinics.  We will also be partnering with Project Renewal later this spring which will offer parents free mammograms, pap smears colonoscopies, blood pressure, and other health related services and make sure parents are well aware of the date and details.

The Parent Workshops are a great way to further incorporate Partnership with Children into the school.  Sometimes a parent (or staff member) might feel hesitant about letting an “outsider” in.  By creating events and activities for not only our students but the entire school, we become an integrated part of the school and the community.